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How to Withdraw my Winnings?

Step 1 : Log into your user account.

Step 2 : Click on My Account at the top right of your screen.

Step 3 : Click the Withdraw button on the My Account Page.

          Step 4(a) : To perform a Bank Transfer:

(i) Click on Bank icon on your screen.

(ii) Use the Drop down to select your Bank.

(iii) Enter the amount you with to withdraw.
* NOTE : Bank Transfer is available on for 5000N or amounts exceeding 5000N.

(iv) Click the Request Withdrawal Button.

          Step 4(b) : To perform a Shop/Cash Transfer:

(i) Click the Shop icon on your screen (next to the Bank icon).

(ii) Input the amount you wish to withdraw.

(iii) Input the shop ID you wish to withdraw from and click the Search for Shop button.

(iv) Verify the shop address. You can view the shop location on the map by clicking on the  'View on map'.

(v) Click the Request Withdrawal button.

(vi) Note down the Reference number & PIN number to be used while performing the withdrawal at the shop.